Quote1 Those men were willing to die for Fu Manchu - and he has an army of identically fanatical followers stationed on every point of the globe. And that is more resource that most nations command. Quote2
-- Sir Denis Nayland Smith

Appearing in "Massacre along the Amazon!"

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Synopsis for "Massacre along the Amazon!"

Shang-Chi crouches on a limb in the Brazilian jungle, waiting for a file of Si-Fan to pass beneath him. He drops on the last one, Chai Phan, knocking him out. He takes Chai's robe, mask, and place at the end of the line. Nearby, Fu Manchu orders the pilot of his helicopter to hover over Wilhelm Bucher's compound, from whom he wishes to get the plans for a Nazi secret weapon. The Nazis in the camp spot him and prepare to spring a trap, while Fu comments that he has predicted it and has a trap of his own. On the Amazon River, Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Black Jack Tarr have restarted the engines of a paddlewheeler and set course for Bucher's compound. Bucher, in his own boat, arrives at his compound.

Shang-Chi and the Si-Fan meet Fu. They split into two groups: one to assault the compound head on, the other to circle around and catch the Nazis from behind. Fu goes with the first group, Shang-Chi with the second, where he hopes to remain undetected. The first group of Si-Fan attack the compound, guns blazing. One of the Si-Fan in the second group detects Shang-Chi. He pulls off his disguise and prepares to fight.

Master of Kung Fu 24 panel a

no time to lose!

Moments later, Fu fires a flare gun. The second group bursts out of the jungle and catches the Nazis in a crossfire. The few survivors have already taken shelter in a quonset hut, where Bucher sees the Si-Fan make their final assault. Another group of Nazis opens fire from a facing hut, catching the Si-Fan in another crossfire.

Shang-Chi finally defeats his foe and heads for the center of the compound. He ducks behind a hut for cover and sees something inside: "It ... cannot ... be ...." When he reaches the battle, the Si-Fan have shrugged off the hail of bullets and taken the battle inside the hut, where they have the advantage. Bucher will not allow "inferior" races to best him; he uses a machine gun to mow down Si-Fan and Nazi alike. His men find Fu and bring him forward. Bucher has him tied to a tree and aims a rocket launcher at him. Shang-Chi hesitates for a moment: his father deserves to die, but not at the hands of a bigot. At the last second he kicks the rocket launcher to one side. The rocket hits the wall of a hut, revealing a missile with a swastika on it. Bucher orders his men to shoot Shang-Chi.

Instead, a volley of shots comes from the jungle and takes care of the remaining Nazis. Smith and Tarr have finally arrived. Bucher throws a knife at Shang-Chi, wounding him in the shoulder. Then, seeing that his nuclear missile will fall into Chinese hands, he tries to detonate it. Shang-Chi tells Bucher that he deactivated it. Bucher can't stand the fact that a Chinaman not only survived his knife but also defused his bomb. He backs away and falls down the missile shaft.

When Smith, Tarr, and Shang-Chi go back outside, they find that Fu Manchu has (as usual) escaped.



  • Shang-Chi took a bullet in the shoulder in the previous issue; there is no acknowledgement of the fact in this issue.

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