Quote1.png That's the trouble with back-tracking, Tarr - you run into people you've already met. Quote2.png
--Clive Reston (Earth-616)

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Synopsis for "A Gulf of Lions"

Shang-Chi encounters Razor-Fist at the entrance to Carlton Velcro's castle, above a pit full of black panthers. He somersaults past and grabs a candelabra to defend himself from the swords that are Razor-Fist's forearms. Pinned against a wall, he tries to ignore the hot wax dripping on his chest, but he has to discard his defense. He dodges one sword, which sticks in the wall, and breaks the other with his wrist bands.

Black Jack Tarr finds Reston and Velcro in the heroin warehouse, but the guards outside have spotted him. He crashes through a window and tosses a smoke grenade. Tarr and Reston escape in the smoke but are quickly surrounded.

Razor-Fist corners Shang-Chi in front of a statue but embeds his remaining blade in the stone. Following through on his plan, Shang-Chi delivers a kick to the back of Razor-Fist's head, which results in a stone head-butt. The statue's head shatters, and Shang-Chi takes the ear.

On the seaplane waiting to pick up their operatives, Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Doctor Petrie argue over how long they should wait. Petrie wants to go by the book: the agents are late, they should leave before they too are compromised. Smith radios Marseilles and orders a speedboat full of explosives.

In the gulf of lions

Velcro, impatient for answers, threatens to throw Tarr and Reston into the pit of panthers. Shang-Chi appears with his clenched fist up and threatens to "drop what I am holding." Everyone assumes it's a bomb, so Velcro lets them go. Minutes later, he triggers a ramp to collapse so that Shang-Chi, Tarr, and Reston fall into the pit anyway. Reston says, "Toss the bomb you've got!!" Shang-Chi tosses the stone ear at his feet. He notices a door nearby. Luckily it's unlocked, and they escape the panthers. Once outside the pit, they fall through a loose grate and down a metal shaft, where they see Velcro's ultimate objective: a nuclear arsenal....


The letters page in this issue includes one from Ralph Macchio.

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