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Appearing in "Snowbuster"

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Synopsis for "Snowbuster"

Shang-Chi, Black Jack Tarr, and Clive Reston have found Carlton Velcro's arsenal of nuclear missiles. Unarmed and perched on a ledge in a cave under Velcro's fortress, Reston wants to go after the missiles. Tarr only wants to find a way out. Shang-Chi finds a rope and secures it to an outcrop for the others. He dives off the ledge, knocks a soldier off the dock, and lands in the water. Tarr and Reston follow via the rope. They fight their way to a tank and get inside. Tarr drives it to a platform, which takes them up to the fortress.

first appearance of Pavane

Shang-Chi, realizing the place will be destroyed, leaves the tank to rescue Razor-Fist, whom he left unconscious. He heads toward the entrance and enters a garden. Pavane, Velcro's lover and last line of defense, tries to stop him. Shang-Chi grabs her whip, pulls her into range, and knocks her out. Razor-Fist enters from one door, Velcro and some guards from another. Velcro orders the guards to shoot. Shang-Chi dodges the attack. Razor-Fist does not. The tank crashes through the wall, giving Velcro a chance to escape.

Out to sea, Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Doctor Petrie still wait for word from their agents. The remote-control launch Smith ordered, full of explosives, arrives.

Shang-Chi carries the unconscious Pavane out of the fortress. He dodges a flamethrower and gets back into the tank. Tarr drives it into the grotto, and the three swim out through the caves that brought Tarr and Shang-Chi into the place.

Velcro runs through the fortress. "Can't let them destroy my arsenal," he says, "not when I'm so close to making the connnection with Mordillo ... when we're both so close!" On the seaplane, Smith admits that he suspected Velcro had nuclear weapons.

Shang-Chi gets into the launch, aims it at the fortress, and activates the thirty-second timer. It flips off the beach and into the fortress. Everything explodes. A helicopter pulls Shang-Chi out of the grotto.

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