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Synopsis for "Death Hand and the Sun of Mordillo"

Mordillo threatens to allow Leiko to suffocate in an hourglass unless she reveals the final secret of the Solar Chute, when one of his robots appears and fires upon him. Mordillo starts to flee, terrified, as Shang Chi frees himself. Realizing that he can’t leave until Leiko reveals the secret, Mordillo turns and fires upon the robot, before fleeing from the now free Shang-Chi.

Shang-Chi allows his escape, and uses the bar that held the two of them to smash the hourglass, freeing Leiko. The robot that attacked Mordillo turns out to be Black Jack Tar, and Clive Reston goes after Mordillo, but can’t find him.

Mordillo sends Brynocki to prepare the tube to the Doom Dome as he goes to speak to the “Lady of the Tower”, who turns out to be Pavane. He sends her to fight Shang-Chi and his friends as he launches the Solar Chute. Shang-Chi jumps on board, and the two battle.

Pavane catches up to the others, just as Mordillo unleashes the Solar Chute upon the island. Their battle is forgotten as they flee for cover, and Mordillo jumps off of the platform. He falls through the Solar Chute’s beam, and is killed.

Shang-Chi crashes the Solar Chute, and he and Leiko embrace as Reston looks on. While the agents leave the island, Brynocki cradles Mordillo’s skeleton and promises not to leave him.


  • This is the final issue of the three-part "Mordillo" story-arc. Death of Mordillo.

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