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Synopsis for "Cages of Myth, Managerie of Mirrors!"

Shang-Chi walks through the streets of New York with Moon Sun, when they are attacked by the Warlords of the Web, who murder Sun. Shang-Chi battles the ninjas, when all signs of their battle disappear and Sun turns out to be alive. Chi follows him into his sanctuary demanding answers, and Moon Sun instructs him to introduce himself to the canvas covers around the room. Doing so, Chi meets the members of the circus, who all give him cryptic answers to his questions, until Moon Sun returns with his daughter Tiko.

Shang-Chi agrees to protect them from the Warlords of the Web, and their leader, Darkstrider. He departs with them the next morning aboard a train, as ninjas of the Warlords make their way along the top.


  • This issue was originally intended as "Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu #5".

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