Quote1.png We are all freaks under other eyes, and life is our cage. The watching world is beautiful... The watching world is blind. Quote2.png
-- Shang-Chi

Appearing in "Web of Dark Death"

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Synopsis for "Web of Dark Death"

Having embarked with Moon Sun’s circus, Shang-Chi finds himself battling the Warlords of the Web atop the train. When he defeats them, they flee by jumping off the engine into the path of the train, but he is surprised to find that there’s no evidence of their having been hit. Rejoining the others, he asks what caused Darkstrider to seek their death, receiving different answers from each of the circus members.

When they arrive at the deserted plain that is to be the circus’ next venue, the members all erect the tent, after which Rynor asks Tiko if she’d like to go for a ride (an offer that is angrily rebuffed). Shang-Chi is angered that the beautiful Tiko would act so prideful toward one she considers a “freak”, but he later discovers that the opposite is true, and that Tiko’s beautiful appearance is a rubber mask meant to hide her disfigured face.

Shang-Chi enters the big top, where a single man sits in the bleachers, and Cinnabar asks him to locate Moon Sun. He leaves the tent for a moment, realizes there’s nowhere Sun could have gone, and then re-enters to find everyone seemingly missing. Looking up, he finds the members of the circus ensnared in Darkstrider’s web, with the six-armed ninja master waiting in the middle. He fights the ninja, who insists that the members of the circus are desperate for the peace that death will provide.

Shang-Chi bests Darkstrider, when the members of the circus become the Warlords of the Web and disappear into the sky. Darkstrider chides Shang-Chi before disappearing, leading him to wonder if the ninja was also Moon Sun. He wanders into the desert, reflecting on the nature of mystery and perception.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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