Appearing in "Cat"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Cat (Shen Kuei) Next Appearance of Cat (Shen Kuei) (First appearance)
  • Shen Kuei's spy
  • Hong Kong street gang
    • Chandar (leader)

Other Characters:

  • Cat (Shang-Chi's cat)
  • Juliette (First appearance) (Denis Nayland Smith's counter-agent, nightclub singer)
  • Bewitchers of the Night (First appearance) (magicians) (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "Cat"

Master of Kung Fu Vol 1 38 001.jpg

In Hong Kong, Shang-Chi saves a cat from being mauled by others, as he flashes back to a conversation with Sir Denis, in which he begrudgingly agrees to save a counter-agent whose cover is about to be blown. Arriving at the Jade Peacock bar, he watches a woman named Juliette sing and thinks about Leiko. After the song, Juliette approaches and informs Shang-Chi that his information is wrong: She wishes to remain in Hong Kong.

They are interrupted by a man who tells Shang-Chi to leave her alone, and accuses him of betraying his own people. The two fight, and the man is quickly beaten, before running out of the bar. Juliette takes Shang-Chi into the back, through an illegal gambling den, and into her dressing room, and explains that she has fallen in love with Shen Kuei, the man she was supposed to surveil. However, they are seen, and a gambler runs to inform Shen Kuei that she is British intelligence, as suspected.

The man Shang-Chi fought returns with other members of his gang, but they are cut short by the arrival of Shen Kuei. Kuei fights alongside Shang-Chi against the gang members, as a demonstration of his skills. Once they are routed, he turns on him, and informs Juliette that he is going to kill her for selling him out.


  • Plot by Moench and Gulacy, script by Moench.
  • The title to this issue is alternately known as "The Claws of the Cat".

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