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Shang-Chi and Juliette try to explain to Shen Kuei that she had not betrayed him, but Kuei will not listen. When they are interrupted by criminals from the illegal gambling den in the back of the nightclub, Shang-Chi uses the opportunity to escape with Juliette through a window. The gangsters defer to Kuei when they find out it is a personal matter.

Shang-Chi and Juliette, followed by the Siamese cat he’d saved earlier in the night, discuss her safety, and Juliette tells him that Kuei won’t actually kill her. He has a temper, but eventually he’ll calm down and see that she loves him.

In London, Leiko has a late night visit from Clive Reston, and the two embrace.

Shang-Chi and Juliette arrive at the harbor to retrieve some documents for Sir Denis, that are located on a boat a ways out from shore. However, upon boarding the boat, Shang-Chi discovers that Sir Denis has again lied, and that the documents were always the property of the Chinese government. Since the agent who explains this had already transmitted their contents, Shang-Chi rips them up without reading them and scatters them in the water.

Returning to shore, Shang-Chi is confronted by Shen Kuei, who accuses him of allowing himself to be polluted by the Western world. They fight, Kuei with a guandao, Shang-Chi with nunchaku.

As the fight ranges from the pier to the beach, they are abruptly stopped by Juliette, who threatens to stab herself with a dagger. Kuei hesitates, so she goes through with her threat; he races to her side, apologizing and saying he loves her. He gives Shang-Chi the opportunity to kill him if he so chooses.

Shang-Chi boards a plane for London, with his new pet cat.

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