Appearing in "The Murder Agency"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Shen Kuei (Only in flashback)
  • Juliette (Only in flashback)
  • Hong Kong gangsters (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "The Murder Agency"

Returning to London, Shang-Chi confronts Sir Denis and tells him that he quits.

Later, Black Jack Tarr comes to his flat, telling him that someone is murdering British agents. Shang-Chi eventually agrees to help, and the two head to Leiko’s apartment. Upon arriving, they find her being menaced by counter-agents, who demand to know how close they are to uncovering the mole in the agency. Their arrival allows Leiko the opportunity to break loose, and the three of them make short work of the agents.

As Tarr chases after the stragglers, Leiko explains that they attacked her because she is about to meet with “Agent-D”, a British intelligence operative under heavy cover that has been feeding them information. She tells Shang-Chi that she is being sent to collect the agent, a probable suicide mission, and that she loves him. Shang-Chi balks, saying that he’d never said he loved her, and Leiko is heartbroken.

Tarr returns after Leiko leaves, and Shang-Chi informs him that they are to “re-enlist Larner”, a former agent who blamed Leiko for the death of the woman he loved, and was ousted from the intelligence service after he left her for dead on a mission. They arrive at his home, finding him drinking with Reston, when they are attacked by masked gunmen that blow up Reston’s flat. The four men fight and repel the gunmen, and find a card on one for a company called “Oriental Expediter’s, Ltd”. They argue over the obvious set-up, but Tarr insists it’s their only lead.


  • Beginning with this issue, the price blurb on the cover reads, "Still only 25¢".

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