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Quote1.png I know what's been going on between you and Leiko -- but I still can't help what I feel. I've tried to turn it off, Lord knows, but this is one fire inside me that can't be doused by booze. So I guess I'm your rival, Chi -- and since you're also a friend, I owe you a warning -- I make a bad rival. I fight dirty. Quote2.png
Clive Reston

Appearing in ""Prelude: Golden Daggers (A Death Run)""

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Synopsis for ""Prelude: Golden Daggers (A Death Run)""

Sir Herbert Griswold orders two MI-6 agents to escort the injured Shock-Wave off of his estate, and transport him back to London.

Elsewhere, Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu converse with Agent-D. They learn that Agent-D is actually Ducharme – a member of Fu Manchu's entourage. She has been working undercover as a mole in Fu Manchu's empire for over forty years. Ducharme tells the agents that she became a double agent at the behest of Nayland Smith in order to save the life of her lover, Pan Chen, a Si-Fan assassin who had incurred Fu Manchu's wrath.

Back at MI-6, Clive Reston discovers that a Swiss named Tarrant manufactured the bomb used in the assassination attempt against Black Jack Tarr. Knowing that Tarrant operates out of Lausanne, he arranges to track him down.

While Denis and Doctor Petrie visit Black Jack in the hospital, Clive, Leiko and Shang-Chi agree to go to Switzerland to track down the Golden Daggers. Shang and Clive take Clive's Ferrari, while Leiko takes another path on her cycle. A vehicle filled with Golden Dagger agents attempts to run Clive off the road. Reston outmaneuvers them however, sending their vehicle caroming off the side of a cliff.

Other agents manage to ambush Leiko as she comes around a turn. She takes down two of them with her pistols, but the impact of a nearby grenade launcher shell renders her unconscious.

More of the assassins capture Clive and bring him inside of their safe house off Lake Geneva. Shang-Chi fights them off, saving Clive, but as he turns around, he discovers who is really leading the Golden Daggers, his sister, Fah Lo Suee.

Meanwhile back in London, Doctor Petrie reveals himself as a mind-controlled mole for Fu Manchu. He shoots Denis Nayland Smith inside of Black Jack's hospital room.


  • Fah Lo Suee becomes a regularly featured character with this issue.
  • First and only appearance of Five and Nine, two MI-6 agents.
  • With this issue, the cover price raises from 25¢ per copy to 30¢ per copy.


  • The tagline for this issue is "Death-Day of the Golden Dagger!"
  • The fourth letter in this issue's letters column is from Ralph Macchio.

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