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Quote1.png Aw, for pity's sake, Chinaman -- can't you do nothin' without questionin' every step of the way? Quote2.png
-- Black Jack Tarr

Appearing in "Midnight Wind"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Samisdat (Behind the scenes)
  • Dawning Light cultists

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Midnight Wind"

Master of Kung Fu Vol 1 93 001.jpg

Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu are in a bookshop in Chinatown. Leiko takes an interest in a Chinese book of Fables called the "Midnight Wind" and purchases it. They return to her brother’s place at the embassy.

When they arrive, they discover that Black Jack Tarr has come all the way from London to visit them. Although he is glad to see them both, he also informs them that Melissa Greville's sister, Mandy, has been kidnapped. The perpetrators are a global cult known as the Dawning Light. Jack suspects that the Dawning Light is actually a front for a weapons smuggling operation between West Germany and Britain. Shang-Chi and Leiko agree to help him search for Mandy Greville.

As they leave the embassy, a car full of armed thugs attacks them. Shang-Chi provides a distraction, enabling Jack time to get to his rented car. They speed off towards Long Island, the last known whereabouts of Ms. Granville.

They pull up to a veritable mansion owned by the alleged cult leader, Samisdat. Shang and Leiko drop down on top of two guards, knocking them unconscious. They grab two cloaks and sneak into the ceremony room. They are surprised to discover that not only is Mandy a part of the cult, but she is actually leading them in service. Jack is convinced that she's been brainwashed.

Before long, their cover is blown and the heroes are forced fight up against the cultists. Black Jack grabs Mandy and leaps out a window, leaving Shang and Leiko alone to deal with the others. The two martial artists kick their way through a throng of angry cultists and meet up with Jack and Mandy outside. Mandy is still under Samisdat's thrall, and promises that she will kill each and every one of them.


  • This issue is the first chapter of a three-part storyline.

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