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Appearing in "Chapter One: Master Drunk"

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Supporting Characters:


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  • Earth-13116 (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • Earth-15513
    • Battleworld
      • K'un Lun (First appearance)
        • Temple of the Ten Rings (First appearance)
        • Halls of the Red Hand (First appearance)
        • Citadel of Emperor Zheng Zu (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Chapter One: Master Drunk"

Battleworld has just begun. A drunken Shang-Chi tells the history of K'un Lun to a stray dog, recalling how war and strife have caused the ruling clans to hold a tournament every thirteen years called "The Thirteen Chambers". The champion of this tournament, regardless of clan, will be the Emperor of K'un Lun for the next thirteen years. Currently, Shang-Chi's father, the long-lived Zheng Zu is the current emperor, and has been for the past 100 years or so.

The royal guard comes along, composed of Razor Fist, Typus, and Nightwind, and demands that he move. Shang-Chi goads a fight and a group of the Morlocks comes and joins in the fight, causing enough of a distraction for Shang-Chi and the others to escape into a secret underground network of tunnels.

A messenger named "Herald" is sent to bring two of the Emperor's top assassins (Red Sai and Laughing Skull) to hunt Shang-Chi. Emperor Zheng Zu stands in his Citadel talking with Daniel Rand, telling him that they will capture Shang-Chi. Daniel ignites his Iron Fist and proclaims that he will be the one to kill Shang-Chi to avenge the murder of his master, Lord Tuan.

Solicit Synopsis


• Welcome to the mystical land of K’UN LUN, where the study of martial arts reigns supreme!

• In a world where everyone is well-trained in at least some form of deadly combat, what becomes of a drunken, drop-out failure?

• If anyone speaks out against Emperor Zu, the price is their head! Good thing Shang-Chi’s a man of discretion and...oh, who are we kidding. This is going to get nasty.

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