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Masters of Evil
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Formerly Baron Zemo
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Enchantress and Executioner began assembling a team to take down the Avengers. They first found Baron Zemo, who considered himself the leader of the team, then Wonder Man, Abomination, and Crimson Dynamo. After a failed attempt at destroying the Avengers, due to a miscalculation in the number of the team, they teleported back to safety, where Enchantress reported to a higher authority.[1]

Masters of Evil (Earth-80920)

Original roster

At an unknown time after this they recruited Living Laser, Chemistro, Doughboy, and Grey Gargoyle. The Masters of Evil were next seen using the Norn Stones to open portals between Earth and Asgard. It was then discovered that the Masters of Evil were just pawns in Loki's master plan.[2]

When the Enchantress failed to bring an Asgaridan army to Earth and Loki was defeated, she wanted revenge from Zemo, searching every one of the Masters to find Zemo and kill him. After Chemistro was turned into gold with his own gun, Living Laser frozen in electric state, and Arnim Zola glued to the corpse of his Doughboy, Zemo asked for help to the Avengers, who wanted to use a magic nullifier on her to take her down.[3]

When Enchantress arrived to the Avengers Mansion and took the Avengers and the rest of the Masters down, Zemo tried to use the last Norn Stone to kill her. The Masters betrayed the Avengers and attacked them, destroying the nullifier. When Enchantress was about to use the Norn Stone, Wonder Man sacrificed himself to destroy it. Enchantress was sent to Muspelheim where she found Surtur and the rest of the Masters were incarcerated in the Prison 42.[3]


Transportation: Enchantress' Teleportation

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