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The Masters of Evil were a group of villains spawned through the time-space rift in the Gamma core on Avengers Island. Their membres included The Black Knight, Radioactive Man, Whirlwind, Melter and Klaw.[citation needed]

They would attack Avengers Mansion following the groups battle with the Enchantress' Lethal Legion. The Masters were easily defeated by the Avengers and while Captain America and Iron Man were called off on other business, they were left in the care of Hawkeye and Hellcat. They would be visited by Loki who was then absorbing beings that were unique to Counter-Earth to boost his power. He would absorb the Masters of Evil, and coerce Hawkeye and Hellcat to join his cause. Ultimately, Loki would be defeated and all those he absorbed were expelled from Loki.[citation needed]

The Masters of Evil would regroup, however Klaw would not rejoin the team and his fate remains unrevealed. Being absorbed by Loki had a profound effect on at least two members of the Masters of Evil: Radioactive Man would grow silent and eventually not speak at all, and the Melter would enter a near catatonic state muttering about his glimpses of the future.[citation needed]

As time went on, the Avengers and other heroes were returned to their native reality of Earth-616, and the Counter-Earth pocket dimension would be manipulated by The Dreaming Celestial throwing the Earth into social, political, and ecological chaos. The Black Knight, listening to the Melter's visions would encourage the Black Knight to attempt to become a major player in the power struggle to control the Earth.[citation needed]

To this end, he made a deal with Atlantean Warlord Krang to obtain the Trumpet Horn of Atlantis. Krang would give it to the Black Knight to summon Giganto the whale. What the Black Knight was unaware of the fact that Giganto was killed in a battle against the Fantastic Four a year earlier, and that Krang hoped that the Black Knight would use the horn which would summon man sea creatures and further flood the United States. Unaware of this betrayal, the Black Knight would betray Krang himself, dispatching Whirlwind and Radioactive Man to slay Krang and his minions. This would be accomplished by irradiating Lake Michigan, literally microwaving the Atlanteans. However, Chen Lu would over do it, killing all the fish in the lake.[citation needed]

Seeking an alliance with Dr. Doom who was then attempting to take over Counter-Earth, the Black Knight would attempt to seek an audience with the Latverian monarch. To this end, the Masters would recruit both Titanium Man and the Crimson Dynamo. Becoming aware of the fact that Whirlwind was planning on skipping out on the Masters of Evil, the Black Knight would dispatch Radioactive Man to kill him. [citation needed]

Caught in the act of fleeing, Whirlwind would convince the Radioactive Man to let him live, and he would flee Chicago seemingly abandoning his costumed activities. The Black Knight would go to the Baxter Building to meed with Dr. Doom, offering him the Trumpet Horn of Atlantis as a gift. However, this would not be Doom, but rather one of his many Doombots and it would kill the Black Knight, Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo as per his masters order. Doom himself not wanting to get involved with two bit tyrants with lowly ambitions of world domination.[citation needed]

The fate of the Radioactive Man and Melter are unknown.[citation needed]

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