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Quote1 If it works for them, why not for us? How would you feel, my Lord Doom...about forming a team of our own? Quote2

The Multiversal Masters of Evil was a team of super villains from across time and space brought together by Doom Supreme as per the suggestion of the Council of Red. Their purpose was to slaughter each reality's original protectors of Earth, thus eliminating the Age of Heroes in its infancy and reshaping the future, under the single condition that Earth-616 must be saved for last.[4] They also came into conflict with the Avenger Prime and eliminated his Deathloks for interference.[5]

The Masters of Evil were used by the Council of Red and Doom Supreme to disrupt the Multiverse as much as possible and weaken the boundary to the First Firmament at the God Quarry.[6][7]


Masters of Evil (Multiverse) from Avengers Forever Vol 2 5 001


The Multiversal Masters of Evil was formed when Mephisto approached Doom Supreme in Earth-616's past, who was observing the local prehistoric Avengers. Claiming that it was dangerous to challenge them alone, Mephisto suggested the time-travelling Doom Supreme to start a team. Doom accepted Mephisto's proposal and went on to recruit some of the deadliest villains in the Multiverse: Kid Thanos, Dark Phoenix and her pet Berserkers, King Killmonger, Ghost Goblin (Norman Osborn), and the Black Skull.[4]

Naming themselves the Masters of Evil, the team hopped from universe to universe, slaying the local Prehistoric Avengers at the ancient past in order to rewrite the future as they saw fit. Their incursions were often opposed by a group of reality-hopping Deathloks deployed by Avenger Prime, the guardian of the God Quarry. Despite the continued interference of these Deathloks, the villains were able to conquer hundreds of Earths during their quest for power.[5][4]

Hunting Deathloks[]

As part of their agreement with the Council of Red, Doom and his Masters of Evil were not allowed to rewrite the timeline of Earth-616 until it was the last reality standing, thus the group didn't interact with it in any capacity since formation. However, when the Deathloks fled to present-day Earth-616 to warn its Avengers about their activities, the Masters had no other choice than to enter the reality to destroy them.[2][8] Launching a multipronged attack, the Masters of Evil were able to destroy all Deathloks, but couldn't prevent the cyborgs from delivering their warning message to the Avengers, with whom the Masters came into conflict during their hunt.[9] They left Earth-616 as soon as their mission was accomplished and after Doom Supreme spoke with Mephisto and Iron Inquisitor.[8]


The Black Skull took over Earth-818 but was defeated by the native heroes and Robbie Reyes, the All-Rider. His variants arrived from other universes but were also defeated with help from the Goddesses of Thunder.[10] He was soon replaced by another Black Skull variant.[11]

Avengers Assemble[]

Once the Masters of Evil were finished with the other Earths,[12] they begun their attack on Earth-616's prehistory, but were met with fierce resistence from its prehistory Avengers and its time-travelling modern Avengers. Doom Supreme killed the prehistoric Starbrand and Ghost Rider, and blinded Agamotto, but after a nine day battle, the Avengers defeated most of the Masters of Evil.[13][14] Doom Supreme abandoned the Masters of Evil while Young Thanos and Dark Phoenix escaped; Dark Phoenix Mystique soon realized that Doom Supreme had been using them as a distraction.[15] In secret, Doom Supreme had been amassing an army of his own counterparts, including Doom the Living Planet.[11] He went on to attack his true target: the God Quarry.[16]

Masters of Evil (Multiverse) from Avengers Vol 8 66 001

Thanos collecting the corpses

Mephisto returned to Earth-616's genesis point and Kid Thanos informed him that his plan had failed. However, Mephisto was actually after the First Firmament beneath the Quarry and the Masters were simply pawns used to weaken the barrier. The red devil had been siphoning energy from all the universes the Masters of Evil had assaulted and used that power to absorb the remaining members of the Council of Red. While Doom Supreme and the Avengers fought each other, a supersized Mephisto began digging to reach the First Firmament.[7]

Dark Phoenix attacked Doom Supreme in the the God Quarry, but he embraced her with a kiss instead. When Dark Phoenix tried to combat the Avengers gathered at the Quarry, she was struck down by the efforts of Firehair and Thor. Their attack also shattered the God Quarry.[17] Doom Supreme attempted to harness the power of the First Firmament to take over the Multiverse but was overwhelmed and was petrified. Dark Phoenix recovered but was defeated once and for all by the Avengers' Phoenixes, ending the Masters of Evil.[18]


  • It is stated that the Masters of Evil successfully wasted 615 Earths.[18] However, it does not appear that these Earths are in any particular order as Earth-56337 was one of the Earths affected.[19]


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