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The Multiversal Masters of Evil are a team of supervillains from across time and space brought together by Doom Supreme and the Council of Red. Their ultimate goal is to remake every Earth in the Multiverse in their own image by slaughtering the planet's original protectors at the ancient past, thus making it possible for its future to be rewritten.[4]


After witnessing the Prehistoric Avengers of Earth-616 banish Kid Thanos back to the future, Doom Supreme was approached by the local Mephisto about forming a team of their own to defeat the ancient team of heroes, a thing no time-traveling, would-be conqueror from the future was able to do alone that far. Doom accepted Mephisto's proposal, and went on to recruit the deadliest beings in the entire Multiverse: Kid Thanos, Dark Phoenix and her pet Berserkers, King Killmonger, Ghost Goblin, and the Black Skull.[4]

Naming themselves the Masters of Evil, the team hopped from universe to universe, slaying the local Prehistoric Avengers at the ancient past in order to rewrite the future as they saw fit. Their incursions were often opposed by a group of reality-hopping Deathloks deployed by Avenger Prime, the guardian of the God Quarry. Despite the continued interference of these Deathloks, the villains were able to conquer hundreds of Earths during their quest for power.[5][4]

As part of their agreement with the Council of Red, Doom and his Masters of Evil were not allowed to rewrite the timeline of Earth-616 until it was the last reality standing, thus the group didn't interact with it in any capacity since formation. However, when the Deathloks fled to present-day Earth-616 to warn its Avengers about their activities, the Masters had no other choice than to enter the reality to destroy them.[2][6] Launching a multipronged attack, the Masters of Evil were able to destroy all Deathloks, but couldn't prevent the cyborgs from delivering their warning message to the Avengers, with whom the Masters came into conflict during their hunt.[7] They left Earth-616 as soon as their mission was accomplished and after Doom Supreme spoke with Mephisto and Iron Inquisitor.[6]

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