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Fleeing from Captain America and Bucky, criminal "Terrible Tom" Garrett stumbled upon the home of the evil sorcerer Terdu. Mutually seeking to destroy Captain America, Terdu agrees to work with Garrett, using his magic cauldron to summon master criminals from the past to replace Tom's captured gang members. Terdu summoned forward Captain Kidd, Jack the Ripper, Jesse James, Frank James, Bluebeard and Gyp-the-Blood, dubbing them the Masters of Evil.

Tom then led these time displaced criminals on various crime sprees over the course of a few days. Learning about a bank robbery that is being attempted by the criminals, Captain America and Bucky then faced off against Jesse and Frank James. They found that their opponents could not be knocked out and were soon overpowered and captured.

Brought back to Terdu's home, Cap and Bucky were then forced to fight the Masters of Evil. Captain America easily bested the entire gang in one-on-one fights. Furious, Terdu then returned the time displaced gang members to their proper times and then charged at Captain America. Cap moved out of the way, sending Terdu falling into his cauldron which apparently killed him. With his gang defeated, Tom surrenders to the two heroes.


Weapons: The James brothers were armed with six-shooters, Terrible Tom with a pistol, Captain Kid and Bluebear with cutlass swords, and Jack the Ripper was armed with a knife. Terdu had a magic cauldron that he could cast spells with.

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