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Following the televised debut of a new version of the West Coast Avengers, Madame Masque organized a new iteration of the Masters of Evil from various resident super-villains in Los Angeles such as Graviton, Satana Hellstrom, Eel, and Lady Bullseye. This iteration of the Masters of Evil was formed with the goal of breaking up the new West Coast Avengers team, recruiting M.O.D.O.K, who had recently been defeated by the West Coast Avengers, alongside Eleanor Bishop and Derek Bishop, the parents of the team's leader Hawkeye. The group lured the Avengers to an abandoned carnival to torture the team, but were thwarted and released after Noh-Varr was revealed to have been disguised as Graviton, and Hawkeye broke the power inhibitors M.O.D.O.K had placed on her teammates.[1]

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