Not much is known about the man who was known as the Chain Murderer. His last name is Mathers and by 1944 he was the Assistant District Attorney for New York City. Becoming obsessed with becoming a famous prosecutor, Mathers began sending out letters demanding high profile individuals in the public to commit crimes or risk having their family members murdered. Those who refused were usually murdered themselves. When the press learned of the letters, they dubbed the killer as the "Chain Murderer". As Assistant District Attorney, Mathers took on the case, achieving his goals of fame.

When a man named Perkins next received a demand letter from the Chain Murderer, his colleague James Bennett and his niece Madeline Joyce (secretly Miss America) took Perkins to the Assistant D.A., who was a close personal friend to Bennett. Mathers blew his cover when he stated that he would get around the clock police protection for Perkins, his wife, and daughter -- without being told who was at risk. Joyce found this suspicious and as Miss America confronted Mathers in his office.

When she attempted to force Mathers to sign a confession he threw the bottle of ink into her eyes and then knocked her out. Placing her in a cabinet to finish her later he decided to deal with Perkins once and for all. On his way out, he is met by one of his colleagues who wants to accompany him to the Perkins home to ask some more questions. There, Mathers convinces the police on the scene that the Chain Murderer was unlikely to strike now. Inside, the Chain Murderer fatally stabbed his co-worker and before he could harm the Perkins family, Miss America (having broke free earlier) counter attacked.

Mathers managed to get away by grabbing Perkin's daughter and using her as a hostage and escaping in his car. Miss America chased after him causing him to drive recklessly and crash his car. Thrown clear from the vehicle Mathers abandoned his hostage and attempted to flee on foot. Cornered in front of an electric fence, Mathers chose death over capture and lunged his body at the fence electrocuting himself to death.[1]



Mathers carried a knife and a pistol.

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