Tilda Dillard is the child of Mariah Dillard, from an assault from Peter Stokes. Born in Harlem, she was raised with Mabel Stokes. Growing older, she sought college to study medicine.[1][2]

After the death of Alex, Tilda set to visit her mother in prison. When their meeting ended, she professed that she loved Mariah Dillard, pressing her laced lips against hers before leaving the prison.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Physician: Tilda studied and graduated with a degree in medicine; she understands many of the necessary properties of natural herbs that can harm or heal her patients.



Nightshade: As a holistic doctor, Tilda was in possession of nightshade in her shop. After watching a viral video of Luke Cage and Bushmaster, she tried to understand the herb's properties in an effort to stop him; coerced by Sheldon, she used the nightshade to heal him. Tilda would also provide him with a liquid syringe to aid him in killing Mariah Dillard. Visiting her from prison, she laced her lips with a nightshade poison that killed her mother.


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