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The Matriarch was the temporal leader of the Universal Church of Truth and servant to the Magus. She was discovered in a seedy establishment (implied to be a brothel) by the Magus where she was infamous as a woman with easy morals but a formidable mind and will. As such, she was chosen by the Magus to lead the Church on his behalf.[2] When the Magus' younger self Adam Warlock was captured by Autolycus, she ordered him to kill Warlock, plotting to dispose of Magus and take control of the Church herself.[3] When this plan failed, the Matriarch attempted to enslave Warlock by having him undergo a trial by Kray-Tor[4] and reprogramming by an army of clowns.[5]

When Magus discovered her schemes, he ordered her to be killed. She died in Adam Warlock's arms.[6]

Later, after having retroactively altered history so as to negate the existence of the Magus and everything that his evil future self had done, Adam Warlock and Pip the Troll found themselves on the planet that had been the UCT Homeworld. Warlock was surprised to see a woman who looked liked the Matriarch, alive and well and presumably pursuing her original profession.[7]


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