The Matriarch was the temporary leader of the Universal Church of Truth and servant to the Magus. She was discovered in a seedy establishment (implied to be a brothel) by the Magus where she was infamous as a woman with easy morals but a formidable mind and will. As such, she was chosen by the Magus to lead the Church on his behalf.[2] When the Magus' younger self Adam Warlock was captured by Autolycus, she ordered him to kill Warlock, plotting to dispose of Magus and take control of the Church herself.[3] When this plan failed, the Matriarch attempted to enslave Warlock by having him undergo a trial by Kray-Tor[4] and reprogramming by an army of clowns.[5]

When Magus discovered her schemes, he ordered her to be killed. She died in Adam Warlock's arms.[6]

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