Matt Carson was the press agent for Barney Bailey, an unscrupulous businessman whose latest enterprise was including a pair of revitalized dinosaurs in a traveling carnival. When an unexpected thunderstorm frightened the two monstrous creatures into breaking out of their enclosures, Bailey's first move was to call Carson on the telephone, ordering him to assemble some men to capture them alive. At first, Carson tried to reason with him, arguing that the authorities would demand the dinosaurs be destroyed anyway after the chaos they would create, but he eventually backed down, demanding a million dollars for the job.

Minutes later, Carson was leading a gang he had gathered to chase the dinosaurs, with most of them sent to block off the streets and prevent the two beasts from getting away -- or the police and the army from getting within firing range -- while he was in the lead car, armed with heavy-duty tranquilizer darts. Unfortunately for him, just as Carson arrived at where the escaped gigantosaurs was rampaging, the alien hero the Vision also appeared, armed with a box full of dynamite. Carson and his men tried to shoot at the alien hero to drive him away, but a bundle of TNT then beheaded the dinosaur, and the press agent and his gang were crushed beneath the falling corpse. Minutes later, a panicking Bailey was killed as well, eaten by the remaining tyrannosaur.[1]


Aside from his skills as an early public relations agent, Carson apparently had connections to gather a large group of men to take on a dangerous, potentially illegal job


Carson armed himself with sub-machine guns loaded with heavy-duty tranquilizer darts ("drug shells").

  • History Text extracted from the Synopsis for "The Seance of Rhamu Rondi" in Marvel Mystery Comics #15 edited by Nausiated
  • The story identifies the dinosaur that inadvertently killed Carson as being a gigantosaur, which is a type of theropod much like the Tyrannosaurus. However, the creature shown is clearly a quadruped, which would make it a sauropod much like the Brontosaurs, although a vicious and aggressive breed evidently. This could be excused as a lack of adequate research on dinosaurs by either Bailey or Carson.

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