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The man known as Agent Matthew worked for S.T.R.I.K.E. during the time when the crime lord Vixen infiltrated and took over the organization.

Later when S.T.R.I.K.E. folded, Matthew went to work for the R.C.X. under the new code name Gabriel, where he worked with other agents taking care of the children who would come to be known as the Warpies. In fact Gabriel, Agent Michael and the other agents were responsible for collecting the children inflicted by Mad Jim Jaspers's reality warp, even going as far as stealing them from their birth parents.

Eventually the R.C.X. agents were forced to move their charges from an abandoned prison to Braddock Manor, where Agent Michael attempted to force control of the manor from Brian Braddock, also known as Captain Britain. Brian was opposed to the idea of R.C.X. or the Warpies living in the Manor, but his sister Betsy Braddock was for it as well the sentient computer system known as Mastermind. Eventually Brian left the Manor with Meggan to move into their lighthouse.

Agent Michael and Mastermind convinced Betsy to take on the mantle of the new Captain Britain, against the advice of Gabriel to not do it. While operating as Captain Britain, Betsy was severely beaten and blinded by the Slaymaster on the order of the Vixen.

Later the year at Christmas, as Betsy and Gabriel became engaged and decided to leave Braddock Manor to travel to Switzerland to stay with Betsy's good friend, Alison Double so she could recuperate. Whatever happened after they arrived is unknown at present, but by the time Betsy was abducted by Mojo and Spiral he had left without her.

Some years later, Gabriel, Michael and the other R.C.X. agents were discovered by members of the team Excalibur in suspended animation pods in the underground complex known as Cloud Nine. It seems that the leader of the R.C.X., Agent Peter, wanted to have control of the Warpies and needed them out of the way.

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  • Agent Gabriel does not drink alcohol but does like to have a smoke from time to time.

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