Matt Axel was a Public Eye's tech and friend of Jake Gallows, the Punisher.

He played the tech support to Jake as Microchip, Henri or Stuart Clarke had done for Frank Castle, creating more and more of weapons, using his work as a cover.

He also conceived the Punishment Hotel under Jake's house.

Matt Axel & Saber Hagen (Earth-928) from Punisher 2099 Vol 1 17 0001

Taking Saber Hagen under his care

He was one of the rare philanthropist of his age, assisting the Degens people and taking care of them with his Degens Hostel. During a time, he was helped by the young Saber Hagen, a Degens born from military experimentation subjects and who became later the Public Enemy.[2]

As Punisher's support, he became quickly frightened by Jake's change of mind, his schizophrenia, expeditive methods, and finally was done of helping him.

Public Enemy File

When the Public Enemy rise, he came to see Matt who reproves his actions and made him stop, but he was then targeted by the Punisher, considering he had betrayed him in hiding Saber, and in providing him an unload gun to confront the Red Dog. In a psychotic state, Jake stated that the Punisher personality had taken control of him, and stopped his attack.

One Nation Under Doom

When the Punisher was appointed head of the Punishment Police by President Doom, Matt went paranoiac and rebuilt the robot Gold Heart as "The Real Punisher", considering that his former friend had became a pawn of the corporations.

He was then considered by Jake as an enemy and targeted. Jake quickly became crazy about Matt and soon was considered as unstable by Doom, who tried to eliminate him.

Matt Axel rejoined his hideout, intending to flee out of Earth, but his transport was requisitioned by Jake, now a fugitive himself.




Matt Axel is skilled in mechanics, informatics and electronics works.

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