The history of Matthew Grayson of Earth-9904 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart, with some minor differences: On Earth-616 his name was Horrace, while on Earth-9904 his name was Matthew. In 1934, Grayson's wife and daughter would be killed by the Nazi's during World War II. Fearing the worst of fates for the world, the heart-broken Grayson would build a rocket ship and fled the Earth with his infant son Robert. Heading toward the moon, his ship would be diverted to the planet Uranus, where the Grayson would be surprised to find the planet inhabited. Grayson would be welcome into the advanced Uranian society where he would raise young Robert to young adult hood. Robert would eventually become a champion of both Earth and Uranus known as Marvel Boy. The elder Grayson would spend his older years aiding his son whenever he could, however due to hsi age he would be unable to leave Uranus again[1].

Grayson's activities follow Robert joining the Avengers remains unrevealed, however he was likely killed when Immortus erased Earth-9904 from existence[2].


Seemingly those of Matthew Grayson (Earth-616)#Powers.

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