Shortly after returning to San Francisco, Matt Murdock became the mayor of the city and got married. Matt ultimately retired from his super hero career as Daredevil after his son Jackie was born. Over the years, Matt's radar sense became sharper, allowing him to even "see" vidid colors. Matt's wife later succeeded him as mayor and he became her counselor.

The day before Matt's 50th birthday, a mysterious phenomenon caused 72% of the city to go completely blind, including Jack. The next day, while he was trying to figue out what happened, Matt detected a signal directed to him. He tracked it down to midtown San Francisco, where there was a package on a bench with the note "Happy 50th, counselor." Upon opening it, he found a box with a plastic crown with the note "Enjoy your reign" where the signal came from. The crown had a headset from which a voice taunted Matt, and told him to put on a Daredevil costume found in another package on the side of the box. Matt put on the suit and shorlty after received a phone call from Foggy Nelson. Foggy discovered the reason why seventy-two percent of the city lost is sight was because that was the same amount of people in San Francisco who used cyber-optic eye-drops. Matt concluded that the person who taunted him was the mastermind behind the attack, and that she must have hacked the feed of the eye-drops to shut down the sight of its users.

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Brief return as Daredevil

As Daredevil talked to Foggy, he was on his way to the penthouse where the mastermind of the plan was living, whose voice Matt had recognised, Jubula Pride, the daughter of the Owl.

Daredevil arrived to the penthouse and angrily attacked Pride. As Matt was blinded by his anger, he didn't react in time to dodge an attack with which Pride intoxicated him with her claws. Matt kept fighting and crashed along with Jubula into the room where a nuclear reactor powered Pride's operations. Daredevil tried to get close to it, but Pride quickly tackled him and started attacking him while proclaming that what she did was for Matt, to bring him back in "the game." Matt managed to kick Pride away and shut himself up in the chamber of the nuclear reactor as she was recovering. He begun punching the machinery until it shut down, as Jubula desperately screamed for him to stop from the other side of the wall.

Days later, San Francisco recovered, but Matt had lost his powers. Back at his house, Jackie was helping Matt prepare their dog for a trial run as a guide dog. Matt offered Jack to join him in the walk, but he refused as he was scared for the wreckage there still was. As Matt and his dog were about to cross the street, a police car was approaching, which none of them noticed. Jackie quickly pushed Matt out of the way. As they were standing up, Jackie asked his father if he was going to be okay, for which he replied they both were.[1]


Formerly those of the Matt Murdock of Earth-616, evolved to the point of being able to distinguish depth, contour, and colors with his ability.


Seemingly those of the Matt Murdock of Earth-616

  • The identity of Matt's wife is left deliberately unrevealed, as when she's mentioned she's either referred as Matt's wife or Jack's mother, the only mention of her name was interrupted, and a panel which features a photo of Matt, baby Jackie and her is cut so only her hands can be seen.[1]

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