Exiles Vol 1 83 page 03 Matthew Murdock (Earth-181)

Daredevil was a hitman for the Kingpin. He was drafted by the Timebreakers into the reality jumping team Weapon X. After completing several missions, Daredevil was assumed by the other members to have been sent home.

Several months later, the Exiles discovered the Timebroker to be false and that Daredevil was being held in permanent stasis in a crystal palace. He was later freed from stasis and sent home, where he appeared in the Kingpin's office. The Kingpin asked him where he had been all this time, and Daredevil said that it is a long story and that he wouldn't believe half of it. He then said that he hoped that the Kingpin didn't give his job away.[1]

Later, in a dark alley holding his bloody club while the Kingpin watched him work, Daredevil said that he was glad to be home.


Seemingly those of Matthew Murdock of Earth-616.

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