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Matthew Murdock was still a young boy when Apocalypse took over America. From age 8, Murdock was put to work on Apocalypse Island (formerly Manhattan) where he worked for many years. In his late teens, he was helping to ship toxic chemicals to be dumped in the ocean when he pushed a fellow human out of the way of a toppling canister. The toxic chemicals blinded Murdock, but endowed him with enhanced senses. Unaware of this, Murdock willingly participated in Mikhail Rasputin's Upstart Program and was the first human to have cybernetic enhancements grafted to his body. Murdock was granted a special visor that allowed him to see in infrared. Believing that his other enhanced senses were a result of this visor, Murdock became a loyal servant to Mikhail.[1]

Murdock accompanied Mikhail to Europe where Mikhail attempted to convince the last surviving humans to submit to his Upstart Program under the false pretense of giving humanity an advantage in a mutant run world -- when in reality it was going to be used to enslave what was left of humanity. Murdock was left to care for Empath, a mutant who could control people's emotions. Mikhail had wired into his ship to amplify Empath's powers to effect the entire human population.[2]

When riots broke out on the ground below, they caused emotional feedback that caused Empath pain. Attempting to escape, Empath caused damage to his body through his cybernetic link. Realizing the horrible atrocities he had committed in the name of Apocalypse, the horrified Murdock put Empath out of his misery by beating him to death with his club.

Renouncing Mikhail, Murdock ripped off his visor and realized that his enhanced senses were not the result of his cybernetic augmentation. Murdock broke down upon realizing how many years Mikhail had been manipulating him.[1]

Ten years later, Murdock's worked for Weapon Omega, Apocalypse's replacement. He hunted unsuccessfully for Harper Simmons.

Powers and Abilities


Murdock has superhuman senses of smell, taste, touch, balance, and hearing.



He uses a short blade.

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