An attorney-at-law with a disability. As a youth, he had trouble with local bullies and a close bond with his father. He was blinded in a radioactive accident that also drastically heightened his remaining senses and gave him a "radar-sense", which allowed him to perceive his surroundings. After this, he made a silent promise with his father to "stick up for the long shots". His father is killed not long after this moment, he vows to seek justice by any means. At night, Murdock became Daredevil, and took justice into his hands. Throughout his adult life, Murdock dealt with the moral implications of being a vigilante, and tried to prove that he was not a villain. His decision to spare Kingpin was a means of proving the latter to himself, on the grounds that a villain would have killed his opponent. After the battle, Murdock found a good luck charm that was similar to the one Elektra showed him, suggesting that she was still alive. Later that night, Murdock was seen outside Ben Urich's workplace. After he saw him, Urich realized that a man like Daredevil was needed, deciding at the last moment to delete the article he had composed, and even encouraging Murdock to carry on with his fight.[1]


Seemingly those of the Matt Murdock of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Matt Murdock of Earth-616.

Strength level

He can lift up to 650 lbs.


He is sensitive to loud noise and must sleep in a sensory deprivation tank just so the sounds of New York City don't keep him up at night.



  • He travels the rooftops on foot, aided by his grappling hook and cable in his billy club.


  • Ben Affleck portrays Matt Murdock in Daredevil. Scott Terra portrays the character as a boy in the same film.
  • Matt Murdock also appeared in a deleted dream sequence of the movie's spin-off Elektra, featured on the DVD release.
  • The film novelization by Greg Cox indicates that Matt Murdock lost his sight in 1984 at the age of 12, and notes that it was 19 years ago. This would make Murdock around 30 or 31 in the present-day of the film.

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