Matthew Murdock (Earth-80219)

Daredevil's old costume

Daredevil was confronted by Spider-Man, who witnessed his battle with the Fixer, and offered to be his agent, which Daredevil reluctantly accepted but explained that he preferred to fight crime rather than promote himself. Spider-Man's first act as Daredevil's agent was replacing Daredevil's yellow costume with a red one, which included a trident and a cape. Daredevil discarded of the trident and cape, thinking they were pointless. Daredevil returned to crimefighting while Spider-Man promoted him by posting billboards around the city.
Matthew Murdock (Earth-80219) 003

Daredevil's new costume designed by Spider-Man

Eventually, someone began trying to kill Spider-Man and Daredevil saved his life on the set of an upcoming movie. Daredevil later visited Peter at his mansion and explained that the electric shock could have killed him, and also explained that Spider-Man had a hit out on him and offered to stay and watch Peter's workout, thinking he might be in danger. Peter, believing Daredevil to be simply paranoid, allowed him to stay. During the workout, Peter was slashed by poison-tipped darts claws by a disguised Kraven the Hunter. Two days later, Peter finally agreed with Daredevil that someone was trying to kill him.

During a meeting concerning the upcoming Spider-Man movie, Daredevil noticed the scent of spirit gum and latex and both he and Spider-Man were soon sent down a trap door. There they came face-to-face with numerous supervillains who had been paid to kill Spider-Man. Daredevil quickly jumped to Spider-Man's aid and was beaten nearly to death. Upon seeing Daredevil risk his life for his own, Spider-Man jumped in and defeated the villains, unmasking J. Jonah Jameson as the boss.


Seemingly those of Matthew Murdock of Earth-616.

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