Growing on the wrong side tracks without his mother, young Matt Murdock was raised by his down-and-out boxer father who urged his son to study hard and make something of himself. Because of his bookworm-like nature, Matt was teased by other children and called "Daredevil". One day, on his way home from school, Matt leapt into the street to save an old blind man from the path of a truck. The truck swerved to miss Matt, tossing its radioactive cargo into Matt's eyes, blinding him. Soon after, Matt's father also paid the ultimate price for not throwing a fight. Determined not to give up, Matt soon discovered that he had been given a "radar sense" by the radioactive substance that blinded him. Not long after such a discovery, Matt devised a costume using his father's old boxing gear and became a superhero in order to avenge his father's death. Eventually continuing his education and becoming an attorney, Matt dedicated his life to justice by day and preyed on those who escaped the law as Daredevil by night.[1]


Seemingly those of Matthew Murdock of Earth-616.

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