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Realm of the Dead

The past history of Matthew Murdock of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

After the world's population was mutated, Matt and other heroes in New York did their best to continue helping the mutated populace. Matt used his enhanced abilities to monitor the city, helping to look for a way of reversing the mutations. John Blaze alerted him to the presence of David Jarrett, the last unmutated human on Earth, whom he had rescued from Ohio and brought to New York. Matt had Spider-Man save him, and helped bring him to Reed Richards and the other superscientists and heroes taking refuge in the Baxter Building.

When David was killed during a storming of the building by a mutated mob, Daredevil was deeply affected by his loss.

Some time later, Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios grew tired of being constant targets of various foes attacking them. Matt would eventually learn how to use the Hand's technique of body swapping to switch bodies with his old foe Bullseye, and kill him, making it appear as though Daredevil had died. Ultimately the two lovers would die and their souls would end up in the Realm of the Dead. There they would live out their afterlives in constant combat with other super-beings[citation needed].

There Murdock would be recruited by Mar-Vell in his quest to destroy Death, a battle which Mar-Vell would succeed in. Mar-Vell created Paradise, a new realm for those in the land of the Dead. There Murdock would be selected to be a member of the Avenging Host, a group of super-humans handpicked by Mar-Vell to act as guardians of Paradise, as well as being ushers to those who accepted their deaths and thereby were allowed passage into Paradise.[citation needed]

Unlike the other members of the Avenging Host however, Murdock was not transmorphed by Mar-Vell and was charged with the task of holding the shards of the Cosmic Cube. The shards would allow whoever consumed a shard to create their own ideal reality. Soon the Avenging Host would become suspicious of Mar-Vell's motives when they learned that with each new soul collected, Paradise would expand and slowly begin swallowing up the Negative Zone.[citation needed]

When Murdock became aware that Wilson Fisk had rejected Paradise so that he may return to the Realm of Dead to lord over the deceased residing in the Realm's version of New York City, Murdock decided to deal with the problem personally. He would attack Fisk in a representation of his old office tower, bringing him into conflict with Elektra and Bullseye, who had not chosen to become part of Paradise and were reliving their afterlives as the Kingpin's assassins. Defeating them, and Fisk, Murdock punished Fisk in the only way he could: convincing his wife Vanessa that she was dead and taking her to Paradise, and leaving Fisk behind to live out eternity without his beloved.[citation needed]

Returning to Paradise, Murdock would join the other members of the Avenging Host in confronting Mar-Vell over his plans. At this point Mar-Vell killed the members of the Host before unleashing the Kree army to attack those in Paradise. This invasion was stopped by the combined efforts of Thanos, 4-D Man, Benny Beckley, and others. Following the defeat of the Kree army, Mar-Vell would transfer his vast powers over to Reed Richards, who would use them to restore the Avenging Host to life, including Murdock.[citation needed] Murdock's current whereabouts are unknown.



While he was alive, and living in the Realm of the Dead, Murdock had the same powers as his Earth-616 counterpart. However, in addition to this, he learned the Hand's technique to switch bodies. He used this on his old foe Bullseye, and as a result continued his life in Bullseye's body. Presumably he had the same physical enhancements as the Bullseye.
Upon becoming a member of the Avenging Host, Murdock did not appear to gain any additional or modified super-human abilities. However, when he was in the Realm of the Dead, he could make himself appear in any of his old costumes.
When in his Daredevil persona, he used the same equipment and weapons as his Earth-616 counterpart. As a member of the Avenging Host, Murdock carried shards of the Cosmic Cube. When individuals consumed a portion of the Cube, they were given the ability to create their own reality which they could manipulate in anyway they desired.


Seemingly those of Matthew Murdock of Earth-616.

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