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Daredevil's history mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up to the point where he was hit by a truck after rescuing an unsuspecting pedestrian. He survived, but he was left in bad shape and would need time to recover. However, his near-death experience made him realize that he never knew how much time he had left. So, he became devoted in bringing down Mayor Wilson Fisk. He gathered Cypher, Frank McGee, and Reader to aid him in his mission. To gain their trust, he revealed his identity as Daredevil to his allies. Matt told his allies that the best way to bring down Fisk was to capture his right-hand man, James Wesley.[1]

After Elektra joined the team, they successfully captured Wesley and got away from Wesley's bodyguards. However, they were then attacked by the mysterious assassin simply called Vigil. Matt and Elektra fled with Wesley into a church where Vigil was waiting for them. Despite Matt's radar sense disrupted from a head injury, Matt and Elektra subdued Vigil, but Matt was forced to fight Elektra so she didn't kill him. This allowed Vigil to escape and kill Wesley.[2]

Fisk blamed Daredevil for Wesley's death and hired a group of villains to kill Daredevil. Daredevil was able to subdue them, but in a weakened state, he was unable to avoid getting shot in the leg by the final villain, Bullseye. Before Bullseye could kill Matt, Bullseye was killed by Matt's twin, Mike Murdock.[3]

Mike got Matt to a back-alley doctor to get him healed and informed him that he knew how Fisk rigged the mayoral election to get elected. Then Vigil appeared and attacked Matt. Vigil tossed Matt out a window, but Matt managed to survive. Matt listened on a conversation between Fisk's assistant and the Mad Thinker who Fisk hired to rig the election for him. After he and his allies gathered enough evidence, Matt went to District Attorney Ben Hochberg and convinced him to bring Fisk to trial. The trial resulted in protests against Fisk that resulted in him resigning as mayor. Before Matt could celebrate Fisk's downfall, he got into one last fight with Vigil. Matt managed to defeat Vigil and unmask the assassin only to discover that Vigil looked just like him. Vigil was actually the part of Earth-616 Daredevil's psyche that made him realize that Earth-TRN844 was just a dream, and after Vigil was unmasked, Earth-616 Daredevil realized the truth.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Matthew Murdock of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Matthew Murdock of Earth-616.



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