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Matthew Plunder is the son of Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil. He lived with his family in the Savage Land.

When Skaar accidentally unleashed The Designer from its prison, it possessed his mother Shanna and tried to kill Matthew. He escaped into the jungle, but after meeting up with Skaar, was captured by those working for the Designer, when Skaar deemed it more important to save his people than Matthew. He was placed inside the wormhole on the Savage Land and was rescued along with all the other trapped souls by Skaar. He then joined the army that was formed and was seen alive after the Designer was defeated.[1]

A much older Matthew saved the life of Valeria Richards with his Pterosaur Dax after she was dropped by one of the Swamp Men's Terror Birds in midair. After straightening out the situation with the alien Prah'd'gul, Valeria played small talk with Matthew about his age progression through a time traveling incident and flirted with him as they went their separate ways.[2]

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