Matthew Rogers was the first born of Joseph and Sarah Rogers, American immigrants that originated from Ireland. They were poor and struggled during the Great Depression. Matthew became sickly and had to walk in crutches, the exact nature of his illness is unknown, but he died at a young age. Joseph and Sarah had a second son, Steven, who would grow up to be Captain America. Growing up as a child, Steve never knew that he had an older brother who died prior to his birth.[citation needed]

Matthew and his parents lived out their afterlives in the Realm of the Dead in a section that resembled New York during the Depression Era. Living in a ramshackle home, they lived a life of eternal poverty.[citation needed]

In modern times, Matthew's brother Steve would aid Mar-Vell in destroying Death and creating a Paradise in the Realm of the Dead. Steve was transmorgraphied into a member of the Avenging Host, "angels" charged with defending Paradise and convincing those in the Realm of the Dead that they were deceased so that they can gain access to Paradise.[citation needed]

Of the people that Steve Rogers was attempting to convince was his own family, disguising himself as a World War I soldier and renting out a room in their home. Steve was surprised by the revelation that he had an older brother. Steve struggled with finding a way of explaining everything to his family, not being sure he could explain the situation in terms that they could comprehend. Following Steve's part in liberating Paradise from an invasion from the alien Kree, he returned to his parents with new insight on the nature of Paradise.[citation needed]

If Steve was able to convince the Rogers clan to join him in Paradise or not remains unrevealed.



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