Tante Mattie was born in the 19th century, but has aged at a significantly reduced rate. She was part of the Grigori, a sect whose members were allegedly the descendants of the eponymous group of Angels.[1][2]

When she was a child, time-travelling Gambit saved her. In gratitude, she often helped him and treated him like a son when she met the younger Remy LeBeau years later.[3]

She was the traiteur of both New Orleans' Guilds, and a highly religious woman, who used her magical powers to heal and guide them.[4][5]


  • General witchcraft & voodoo.[6][7]
  • Extended lifespan: Tante Mattie was a child in the late 19th century, making her own one hundred years old. Whether this is due to her witchcraft or exposure to the Guild's Elixir of Life is not clear.

  • She is a Catholic.[8]

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