Matzu was a Japanese spy active in America during the 1940's. When the Chinese community of New York City were organizing a fund raiser to generate money for the war effort to stop Imperial Japan's invasion of China, he received orders to prevent this from happening. During this time he hired the greedy Ku-Shi, a Chinese-American who was willing to betray his native country to satisfy his desire for riches. Together, the two set fire to the building where all the fund raisers' fireworks were being stored. However the fire was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. Ku-Shi convinced the two heroes to participate in the fund raiser. He reported this development back to Matzu, and the two villains conspired to not only steal the money collected in the fund raiser but also to eliminate the two flame masters.

In the middle of the fund raiser, Matzu and his men stormed through the crowd, gunning down innocent people and stealing the money. The Torch and Toro rushed after the crooks, following them back to Matzu's hideout. There, they blithely stumbled into a trap where they were exposed to sleeping gas. Groggy from the gas, they were helpless against Matzu's hypnotic powers and he forced the two heroes to rob the Bank of Free China and bring the money to him.

When the Torch broke free of Matzu's control, the Japanese spy set Toro to fight his partner. However, the Torch snapped Toro out of Matzu's control as well. The two heroes easily captured the spy and turned him over to the authorities, while returning the stolen money.


Matzu was a hypnotist, the strength of his hypnotic power appeared to rely on the use of a anesthetic gas that rendered his targets too groggy to resist his hypnotic powers.


A secret hide out decked out with an air tight room that he could fill with gas. He also had a gas mask that allowed him to enter said room.


Matzu and his minions used conventional vehicles for the time.


Matzu had access to automatic weapons.

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