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The first man to use the armor was disgruntled Cord Conglomerate employee, Aaron Soames. Soames used the armor once in a battle against Daredevil, but died shortly thereafter.

Afterward, the armor later went to Brendon Doyle. After being asked by Cord to break into Stark International using the suit, Doyle kept it. He abandoned the suit after being confronted by Tony Stark during the "Armor Wars".

Mauler armor

Turk Barrett a small-time crook a operating in Hell's Kitchen once stole the Mauler armor to unsuccessfully confront Daredevil .[1]


The Mauler power armor provided protection from physical and energy attacks, boosted the wearer's strength and stamina to superhuman levels, and slightly boosted the wearer's reflexes/coordination. An internal life support systems could keep a wearer functional for several days. Electric, air-breathing turbines in the calves allowed the wearer to fly. On the right arm, a solid state laser cannon was mounted, as well as an electron particle gun (which used the laser cannon in short-pulse mode as a guide). The left palm could generate a high-frequency electric shock.

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