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Energy Projection: Max can project spheres of concussive energy from his hands at will.

Telekinesis: He possesses telekinetic powers which enable him to levitate objects; he most often employs this power to fly by levitating himself.

Superhuman Durability: He has superhuman resistance to injury enabling him to recover with superhuman rapidity from bullet wounds and to survive the heat of re-entry from outer space through Earth's atmosphere without harm.

Teleportation: Max can teleport himself, another person, or both together over vast distances. The limits oon his teleportational range are as yet unknown. But he must make sure he does not materialize within a solid object. Unlike Comet Man, Max has full conscious control over his teleportational powers. Max does not require technological equipment to achieve such control.

Psionic Powers: Presumably, Max can psionically project a portion of his own consciousness into the mind of another sentient being or the mind of an animal. In this way Max can red the memories of that person or animal and can even influence the thoughts and emotions of that person or animal.

Enhanced Senses: Max as more highly developed senses and instincts than Earth humans, but their limits and capabilities have not yet been defined.

Strength level

Max possesses roughly the equivalent strength of a normal human being who engages in moderate regular exercise.

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