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Age of X

Magneto's past is shrouded in mystery. Seemingly all records about his past have been destroyed. In the battle against Humanity, Magneto proved to be a master strategist, and radical leader. He was a key figure in organising resistance movements, protests and at least two extremely successful "mutant terrorist cadres" (the Brotherhood and Acolytes). He also held ties to the Mutant Liberation Front, supplying them with intel and logistical support.[2]

He once attempted to reverse the Earth's magnetic poles, and would have succeeded if it hadn't been for the intervention of Tony Stark and Reed Richards, whose field valence manipulators thwarted the plan and prevented any further attempts. Magneto launched several others attacks in San Francisco, Genosha, New York City and Baton Rouge. At one point Magneto even had plans to found a mutant republic on Genosha.[2]


In a show of force and to rally his fellow mutants, Magneto used his control of magnetism to literally steal multiple skyscrapers (including the Chrysler Building) from Manhattan and create his mutant safe haven, Fortress X.[3] His plan worked, and mutants flocked to join his Mutant Resistance.[citation needed]

After human forces laid siege to Fortress X for 1000 days,[1][4], Magneto discovered the existence in the plans for Fortress X that he had no memory of. So, he faked the deaths of Legacy and Gambit so they could investigate the matter. The pair eventually found the room, which contained a box that held the universe of Earth-616. The pair then realized that reality itself had been altered.[5][6]

While Legacy and Gambit investigate the hidden room, Magneto went to the brig and freed Katherine Pryde and awoke Charles Xavier from an artificial coma. Xavier was about to explain to Magneto what was going on when Magneto was suddenly knocked out by the Force Warriors who declared hum a traitor and took over leadership of Fortress X.[7]

Despite Magneto getting knocked out, Xavier was able to telepathically tell everyone in Fortress X that reality had been altered by Legion of Earth-616 into Earth-11326.[5] Legion eventually restored reality to normal.[8]

Secret Wars

Earth-11326 lived on, but it was eventually destroyed by the Incursion phenomenon.[9] Magneto was spared death and made a citizen of God-Emperor Doom's Battleworld. He was apparently branded a criminal and forced to take part in a mission with other criminals by Doom's right hand Sheriff Strange to search for proof of the death of the Red Skull of Earth-18191, who had been banished to the Deadlands for leading a failed rebellion against Doom. Gathered by Crossbones, Magneto and the other criminals entered the Deadlands through a tunnel in the Shield. They were instantly attacked by a horde of zombies. Magneto was the only survivor and was unexpectedly rescued by Red Skull.[10]

Red Skull took Magneto to his secret hideout and told him about his plan to destroy the Shield that protected Battleworld from the dangers like zombie of the Deadlands via Magneto's magnetism. Magneto was against this, but his powers were suppressed by an Inhibitor Collar and was forced to work with Red Skull. Red Skull then took Magneto to New Xandar to meet with Annihilus, leader of the Annihilation Wave. There, Red Skull revealed that the Annihilation Wave would act as a distraction, allowing Magneto to destroy the Shield without interference. Red Skull then removed Magneto's Inhibitor Collar so Magneto could use his powers.[9]

As Magneto and the Annihilation Wave attacked the Shield, an army of Sentinels unaffected by Magneto's magnetic powers attacked with Magneto realizing that Red Skull had used him. The majority of the Annihilation Wave was destroyed, and Magneto had his face badly burned, making him resemble the Red Skull. Magneto confronted Red Skull, but his powers were once again suppressed with the Inhibitor Collar. Red Skull then told Magneto that he used him and Annihilation Wave as a distraction to make his escape and that being the lone survivor would make his return more meaningful. After a brief fight, Red Skull left Magneto to die by zombies while he escaped through the same tunnel Magneto had earlier used to enter the Deadlands.[11]



Seemingly those of the Max Eisenhardt of Earth-616.

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