Magneto was seen with fellow X-Men members, Cyclops and Magik when they were all teleported by Wanda Maximoff's spell to unite mutants away from humankind, while the Earth was destroyed by Exitar the Executioner.[1]

Eight years into the future, when mutants were relocated in Planet X, Magneto was one of the members of X-Force.

He and the X-Force pursued Havok across Planet X, and failed to stop him from destroying the Tachyon Dam, but managed to capture his wife, Wasp.[2]

The X-Force and the X-Council later attacked Havok's hideout by freeing the Wasp, and monitoring her with a telepath to learn the location of the base, and encountered the Chronos Corps, who had allied with Havok in order to save the Earth in the past.[3]

After Havok convinced the X-Council to help him, the X-Force was left to fight the X-Council while Havok and the Corps escaped.[4]


Seemingly those of the Magneto of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Magneto of Earth-616.


Magneto's Helmet

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