Max Eisenhardt, better known as Magneto, is one of the strongest Mutants in the world. In the past, he and Professor X used to be friends, but their different views on how the releationship between mutants and humans should be drove a wedge between them. Whereas Professor X wants to build bridges and have Humans and Mutants co-exist, Magneto firmly believes that Mutants are the future and humans will never accept them.[1]

When the X-Men went to Jotunheim to attack Loki’s palace and get the stolen DISKs back, they found themselves under attack from a group of Sentinels. Since the giant robots proved more than the team could handle, Professor X contacted Magneto and asked for his help. Magneto had no intention of saving the X-Men, but was willing to rescue the young mutant Noriko Ashida, who was with the team. Magneto easily defeated all three Sentinels. He then offered Noriko to join his fight, but she declined. Magneto accepted her choice, but told her she could always come back if she changed her mind. He also allowed the X-Men to continue their mission since he too considered Loki a threat.[1]


Seemingly those of Max Eisenhardt (Earth-616)#Powers.


Magneto's Helmet

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