This Magneto's life mirrors that of his mainstream counterpart up until the point Professor X's last will and testament revealed the existence of the omega-level mutant Matthew Malloy.

Magneto rescued Dazzler from the island of Madripoor after she was kidnapped and replaced by Mystique in order to take advantage of her position at S.H.I.E.L.D..

With Magik and Emma Frost's help Magneto traveled back to the island in hopes that they would find Mystique there but with no luck, Magik teleported them back to the New Charles Xavier School. Magneto explained the situation to Cyclops before leaving.[1]

After finding out about the existence of this one Matthew Malloy, Magneto made a promise to Xavier that he wouldn't allow Cyclops to corrupt this new mutant so he traveled to Newberry, South Carolina to confront them head on.[2]

Magneto tried to convince Matthew that accepting Cyclops' help is the wrong thing to do but Scott explained to Matthew that Magneto has also killed people, and he is one of the reasons why Xavier was in his wheelchair in the first place. Magneto told Scott to not poison the boy's mind but Matthew didn't want to hear from him anymore so he teleported Magneto back to the Charles Xavier school where the rest of the students were waiting.

Magneto blamed himself for Scott's breakdown and feared that by him helping Matthew was putting everyone in harms way.[3]

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Seemingly those of the Max Eisenhardt of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Max Eisenhardt of Earth-616.



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