The past history of Magneto of Earth-1815 likely mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, this version of Magneto would grow to try and find peaceful co-existence between humans and super-powered individuals. When the government would pass Operation: Zero Tolerance, Magneto would rally super-humans into a resistance movement. This would be destined to fail and they would be captured and imprisoned in a maximum security prison. The facilitators would fear Magneto so much that they would plant a nuclear bomb in the facility made out of plastic materials so that they could destroy everyone in the facility without being thwarted by Magneto's powers. Eventually, the reality hopping Exiles would end up freeing Magneto and the others, at the expense of their teammate Magnus, whose father in his native reality was Magneto. With Magneto and the other super-humans freed, Magneto would set about attempting to bring peace between humans and super-humans[1].

The Exiles mission in this reality would disrupt a wager between the cosmic beings known as the Grandmaster and the Collector, causing the Grandmaster to lose. Furious at the Exiles interference he would, the Grandmaster would capture Magneto and use torture to learn about the Exiles and their mission[2].

It is unrevealed if Magneto survived this encounter.


Magneto was a mutant with as masterful control over magnetism on par with his Earth-616 counterpart.

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