Magneto's life was identical to that of his Earth-2149 counterpart up until Giant-Man and Wasp discovered the Apes universe.

Magneto met with Gorilla Girl, Ape X, Gibbon, Jane Potter, Speedball, Spider-Monkey and Red Ghost's Super-Apes after the streets beneath them collapsed and caved in, causing them to fall through into Magneto's hideout. Magneto demanded to know what was going on.

They watched on camera as the Ape Captain America was defeated by his Zombie counterpart, they were then attacked by the decapitated head of Mister Fantastic, who wound his organs around Jane's neck. Fantastic then put together a plan to use the Baxter Building's dimensional portal and time machien to stop this confluence of events from ever happening. Red Ghost and Peotor, one of his Super-Apes, agreed to hold off the Zombies while the others made their way to the Baxter Building.

As Red Ghost successfully held off the Zombies by taking command of the Apes, the others narrowly escaped the attack of Squirrel Girl. However, it was too late to stop Speedball and Gibbon from being bit, so Magneto to kill them both. After arriving inside the Baxter Building, Mister Fantastic manipulated Jane into setting off a code that killed Magneto.[1]


Seemingly those of Magneto of Earth-616.

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