The past history of Magneto of Earth-21993 mostly mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality Charles Xavier would be assassinated by Cable leading to widespread human/mutant violence.

With the death of Xavier, Magneto would watch as the world would explode in anti-mutant hysteria and human/mutant violence would increase. He would see this as an opportunity to take control of the world and place it under mutant rule.[1]

Magneto would seek out mutants all over the globe and offer them an ultimatum: Join him in mutant unity or die. The only recorded person to refuse would be Stryfe whom Magneto would promptly kill and as a result gain the loyalty of Stryfe's group the Mutant Liberation Front. Magneto would amass an army comprising of many mutants including disenfranchised members of the X-Men and lead them in an attack on Washington D.C. There they would clash against a gathering of America's greatest heroes. The battle would end when Magneto would capture and threaten to kill the entire US Government, forcing the heroes to stand down and allow Magneto to take over the capital. Upon overseeing the government vacating the White House, Magneto would mock them unaware that the President would be secretly unleashing the Sentinels to eliminate all mutants.

Magneto and Psylock being incinerated in a nuclear blast

Setting up base within the Capital Building, Magneto would defend his followers from the Sentinels with his magnetic powers. Soon Storm and Psylocke would come to warn Magneto of an apocalyptic future (Earth-811) that might occur if human/mutant aggressions were allowed to continue. Magneto would refuse to listen and begin dealing with another Sentinel attack. He would destroy a Sentinel unaware that it was carrying a nuclear warhead inside. The resulting blast would kill Magneto and all his followers.[2]

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