At some point during WWII a young Magneto who his mutant power to rip Captain America's Shield from Captain America grip and used it on enemy soldiers. After attempting to flee, Max was knocked out and detained in a concentration camp. Here, he honed his powers till he was able to knock out a guard with metal and bend the bars to allow him and Magda to escape.

The pair started a life together in a small rural town and had a child, Anya. After being stifled his full wages, Magneto used his powers to threaten the farmer. The townsfolk thought he was a warlock and beat him to a pulp and burnt his home, killing his wife and daughter. In retaliation, Magneto killed the entire town by removing the iron from there bodies.

Later, Magneto was working as an orderly in a psychiatric institute in Israel where Xavier tracked him down and he and Magneto revealed there powers to each other, and debated on the relationship between mutants and humans. Magneto believed in world domination for mutant kind but neither convinced the other of who was right. While Xavier was beginning to track down mutants for his side, Magneto tracked down those had killed his parents including Master Man and then began forming his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He travelled to Europe and rescued Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch from a hoard of angry villagers and recruited Toad after the X-Men defeated Conquistador.[1]


Same as Magneto of Earth-616


Same as Magneto of Earth-616

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