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Magneto was on the scene along with the rest of the X-Men when they were called to the town in order to handle an out of control mutant. Magneto noticed that the townspeople were frozen in place and wondered why the same hadn't happened to them; however, Nate Grey had put up a psychic shield around the team. He asked Nate and Jean if they could get a lock on the mutant, but there was major interference because the child started to have a psychic seizure.

Magneto used his ability to pick up a truck and drop it off to somewhere else, then rendezvoused up with the rest of the X-Men at the memorial where they met the cause of all the ruckus, a girl named Luna. Back at the X-Sanctuary Magneto spent some down time with his fellow comrades in the dining area of the building and talked to Lin about stories of the team's past exploits.

Erik was in his room with a drink in his hand and magnetically control two balls with a wave of his hand. He went to sleep very early so he could make the morning to be at the meeting. Many topics were brought up, especially a note that Nate received from Department X. Magneto said that the note should be taken seriously, as it was the language of a revolutionary.[1]

Magneto was summoned to the X-Sanctuary along with the other X-Men to discuss a serious forest fire that engulfed a good part of Los Angeles. It progressed all the way to Cerebro West, where a hatchery was located. Erik went along with Jean to help in the effort of evacuation for the rest of the residents. He went to the hatchery, but noticed that the building had lost part of its structural integrity, so he used his power to keep the building intact until they could all find an exit.

Erik stayed on the roof of the building, as it was temporarily strong enough to hold people, until X-Man used his telekinesis to rip apart the top, then deposited it on the ground, which brought everyone to safety. Later on, Magneto was on the couch with the others as they watched the news about their heroic efforts.[2]

Magneto showed up with the rest of the X-Men when a house fire occurred in Salem Center. They tried to clam the situation while they helped extinguish the flames.[3]


Seemingly those of the Max Eisenhardt of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Max Eisenhardt of Earth-616.

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