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-- Scorpio src

Early Life

Max Fury is the brother of Nick Fury, and vows revenge against his brother. As Scorpio, he is one of the members of the Zodiac.

Max Fury (Earth-12041) human form


For Your Eye Only

Zodiac took over the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and capture Spider-Man. Scorpio told Spider-Man that "Nick Fury is dead." Scorpio stated that this is the beginning of Zodiac's new orders as he tries to convince Spider-Man that Fury has lied to him. When Spider-Man made a comment about Scorpio's outfit making him look fat, Scorpio orders his soldiers to destroy Spider-Man. When Spider-Man falls into the Helicarrier, Scorpio orders his soldiers to find Spider-Man and make sure he doesn't get off the Helicarrier.

While locating for Fury's secrets, Scorpio tells Aries to find the secrets and then set the Helicarrier to self-destruct. Upon hearing Spider-Man's voice in the air vents, the Zodiac soldiers prepare to fire on the vent that Spider-Man is in as Scorpio hears him. Scorpio then orders his soldiers not to fire on the console. Scorpio then uses the Scorpio Key to attack Spider-Man only for him to escape into the air vents. Upon learning that Spider-Man is topside, Scorpio sends the Zodiac soldiers topside. Nick Fury dives the Helicarrier into the ocean as Fury fights Scorpio. Upon Spider-Man confiscating the Scorpio Key, Fury defeats Scorpio and discovers that it's his brother Max. Scorpio escapes into the water as Fury deactivates the self-destruct sequence.[1]




Seemingly those of the Jake Fury of Earth-616.


  • For some reason Nick Fury's brother's name was changed from Jacob to Max, which is the name used to refer to a renegade Nick Fury LMD.

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