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Max Lohmer was a young, thuggish Neo-Nazi when he was approached by Aleksander Lukin (under the influence of the Red Skull). The Skull apparently enhanced Max Lohmer's body to where he had augmented strength and powers similar or identical to his great-uncle, the original Master Man.

Max Lohmer led the criminal Neo-Nazi group Master Race but were opposed and eventually defeated by Captain America, Sharon Carter, Union Jack, Spitfire, and the Winter Soldier.

Max Lohmer allied himself with other super-powered Nazis, Uber Commandos, and came into conflict with the Invaders.[2] Interestingly enough, Max appears to have a fascination with his Great-Uncle's widow Warrior Woman, who has maintained her youthful appearance. This dalliance aside, Max has more recently sworn his undying loyalty and affection to the new Red Skull: Sin.[3]

Soon after joining Sin, he was sent to Exile Island to help The Exiles ambush Captain America, Sharon Carter, Maria Hill and Victoria Hand. He then engaged Captain America in a fist fight outside the castle on the island. While they were fighting, Quake destroyed the castle unaware of agents on the field. A segment of the wall fell on them, and while Captain America survived due to his shield protecting him, Master Man was crushed and killed.[4]



  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: By the enhancements from the various Super Soldier Serum, Max is augmented to the superhuman levels meaning he's extremely strong, fast and durable.
    • Superhuman Strength: Max possessed some degree of superhuman strength and is beyond stronger than natural humans.[5]
    • Bulletproof Durability: Max's skin is highly resistant to simultaneous gunfire and could withstand even high-caliber rounds with no signs of damage.[4]


  • Experience Fighter: Max is experience of fighting with good techniques.[5] He's able to use his skills to fought against Captain America (Steve Rogers).

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