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Quote1.png Max Modell's one of my heroes. Scientific pioneer. Founder of Horizon Labs. And all-around good guy. And this is going to sound selfish, but... seeing him tie the knot with his partner Hector... being welcomed back into his extended family, for this moment in his life is one of the best moments in mine. Quote2.png
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Max Modell is the renowned scientist and former head of Horizon Labs, close friend of now-deceased Marla Jameson and former boss of Peter Parker.[1]

When Peter was kidnapped by Kingpin and the hand, Max brought them the briefcase, containing the Goblin Key, they'd been bargaining for in order to save Peter's life.[2]

Months after Horizon Labs was absorbed by Alchemax, Max was brought to Parker Industries, Peter's own company, and was put in charge of a project initially called Parker Institute for Technology. The night Max married to his boyfriend Hector, Peter revealed to them he had decided and managed to change the name of the project to Horizon University.[3]



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  • Max Modell is openly gay and has a partner named Hector Baez,[4] to whom he married.[3]

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